Download The Real World - Mac OS X

How you can install TRW On Your Mac Device

  1. Click Download

  1. Find Downloads Folder - The folder will be next to the Trash Can

  1. Open the zip file

  1. Open the Unzipped File in Downloads

  1. Drag The Real World Icon to Applications

  1. Open Finder

  1. Within Finder Go to Applications and Locate The Real World App

  1. Drag the App to Homescreen and Open It

  1. Upon Opening You Will See The Following Message

  1. Click The Apple menu

  1. Go to System Settings, then click Privacy & Security in the sidebar. (You may need to scroll down.)

  1. Scroll Down To Security. You will see the following message about The Real World

  1. Click Open Anyway

  1. Click Open Once More

If you still have issues please contact the live chat support below.